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Chapter One – The Biblical Mandate

As born again believers, we are called to be disciple makers.  Unfortunately, disciple making in the home is often thought of last and in some cases not at all. But the home is where our sphere of influence is greatest and the most logical starting point. This chapter addresses the definition of discipleship, common fallacies about discipleship, and the mandate to disciple our children.

Chapter Two – The Structure of the Home

Before the discipleship process can even begin we need to make sure that the foundation of the home is solid and sure.  Jesus Christ is the foundation of the Christian home.  The framework of the Christian home is the marriage. Once the foundation is set and the proper framework built, then a family can add academics into the structure of the home.

Chapter Three- The Proper Perspective

“Strong sons of God are not perfected by childish pursuits.” Time is short, so we cannot afford to waste it. In Chapter Three the questions are asked: What are we doing with the short time we are given? Is having a God honoring marriage a priority in life? Is discipling our children a priority? Are we striving to keep the proper perspective on the things that really matter?

Chapter Four – The Higher Education

To know God and to learn of Him is the best education we will ever give our children. This higher education is not so much instruction for the mind, but for the soul. It is not higher in academics, but in wisdom. Is it not elevated by man’s standards, but by God’s.  It is not achieved through the study of text books, but by learning and meditating upon His Word.

Chapter Five – The Fundamentals

Obedience is the first fundamental lesson that must be taught to our children. If we fail to teach our children to honor and obey us, they will not learn how to honor and obey God.  A lack of proper respect and obedience for those in authority will transcend into a lack of proper respect and obedience for the Highest Authority – God Almighty.

Chapter Six – The Standards and Goals

Everything we teach our children can point to God and His glory. This chapter takes a look at a few of the core subjects (Language, Math, Science, History, and Bible) that are commonly taught. Included are ideas and applications on teaching all subjects with a biblical mindset.  When we do this, it becomes more than just a lesson; it becomes an exercise in godliness.

Chapter Seven – The Practicalities

Home discipleship is more than simply homeschooling.  However, the education received does play a significant role in the discipleship process. This chapter takes a look at the five key factors to consider when choosing curriculum. What foundation is it built on? Does it fit our family? Is it fun? What are others saying? And, are we being consistent?

Chapter Eight – The Individuality

This chapter speaks to the individuality of each child in the family. As parents, we have the awesome responsibility to mold and shape our children with their unique strengths and individual character traits. We will look at how we can teach our children using their different learning styles (auditory, visual, and kinesthetic) and how even the greatest Disciple Maker of all used various teaching styles. This chapter also touches on how in the discipleship process we can encourage our children to discover their unique spiritual gifts, and as they grow in their Christian life, support them in the exercising of them.

Chapter Nine – The Opposition

The Christian lifestyle is offensive (John 15:18-19). Add to the equation a choice to educate and disciple our children at home and expect to meet resistance from those in the world and sometimes even in the church. This chapter deals with some common objections to home education and discipleship such as: You shelter your children too much! Your children will rebel! And, your children will not know how to deal with the “real” world. And it addresses the biblical response to each.

Chapter Ten – The Results

Using Psalm 1 and antithetical parallelisms, this chapter shows us the contrast between the blessed man and the ungodly man and discusses the results of true discipleship. Discipleship is investing in the future with a multi-generational vision.  It is planting spiritual trees by the rivers of water that will bring forth much fruit.  It is carefully caring for each tree as the Master Gardener would have us to.

Chapter Eleven – The Distinction

The calling of discipleship is a high calling. There is no doubt that it will take diligent work to accomplish all God has called us to do. Many will never try, feeling the vision is too lofty. Many will try, only to give up too soon. What will make our experience different from others?  This chapter takes a look at the life of Daniel and his “excellent spirit.”

Chapter Twelve – The Conclusion

Much more could be said about the discipleship process, but in truth, many of us are already educated beyond our level of obedience.  This chapter concludes with the wisdom of Solomon as he discipled his own son. And further, by these, my son, be admonished: of making many books there is no end; and much study is a weariness of the flesh. Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man. For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil. (Ecc 12:12-14)

*At the end of each chapter are practical application questions to be used for personal reflection and family discussion.


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