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Discipleship is Key!

There are many reasons parents take on the responsibility to educate their children at home, but often at the top of the list are religious or moral reasons. With the tearing down of Christian values in our society, it is understandable why parents want to bring their children back home. Christian’s are waking up to the fact that education is not amoral. The education that a child receives shapes their life in all forms.

But now we see these same children, raised in the faith, walking away at alarming rates. Years of surveys are confirming this. Church leaders and denominations are beginning to speak out. Multiple books on the subject are surfacing. And statistic after statistic is verifying the same ugly picture. We are losing our children, and homeschool families are not immune to this crisis.

The answer does not lie within the halls of government, nor does it necessarily lie within the church. The answer to this problem can be found in God’s Word and the solution rest with the parents. Home Discipleship is the key. But sadly, disciple making in the home is often thought of last and at times not at all. For some reason we think that if we are believers our children will automatically come to Christ and follow His ways.

Home Discipleship is about the discipleship process we find all throughout Scripture applied to the home. It covers the biblical mandate we have as parents, the structure of the Christian home, how to keep the proper perspective, fundamentals and practicalities of home discipleship, and addresses how a homeschooling lifestyle can help parents accomplish this very objective.

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